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About Us

kode with kids has been running successfully in Singapore for more than 6 years, specializing in providing one of the best computer programs for children. We have taught hundreds of students year after year at our center or as part of after school activities with some of the leading schools in Singapore.

The years of experience with the number of students across various age groups has allowed us to keep evolving our curriculum where we have incorporated student interests, projects in keeping up with them but at the same time ensuring that core programming language constructs are embedded.

We have worked on numerous community projects (incl CDAC, Community Centers etc) and welcome the opportunity to partner on future projects. During the challenging COVID period, we also partnered with some schools to offer free online courses that was an instant success with the parents and students.


kodewithkids believes that kids should be technologically capable, comfortable and confident. Programming is the first stepping stone to create in the digital world. It should be cultivated as a skill just like reading or writing.

Introducing computers and programming to young children nurtures creativity, analytical and problem solving skills. While creativity distinguishes every child, the analytical skills learnt through programming gives younger children a stronger base to understand more complex aspects of science and mathematics as they advance in their student life.